The Giving Garden

A September Arbor Day Follow-Up

A Place for Peace and Learning

In early September we received a note from Donna Robinson, Principle of Lacey Spring Elementary School. She invited us to come out and see what’s become of the new Courtyard Fine Earth designed and installed this Spring for Arbor Day.


The school has given its new courtyard a name: The Giving Garden. The tender loving care this planting has received since April is a tribute to the staff and students of Lacey Spring. We can’t wait to see those Redbuds bloom next Spring.

The new Courtyard was the inspiration of school counselor Brenda Robey, who saw it as a natural island of calm and quiet for children located right in the middle of a busy, noisy environment with hundreds of energetic youngsters. In fact, that was obviously the intention of the architect, but the funds were never available to complete the courtyard.

Pictured above (L to R) Conflict Mediators Lexie Diaz, Brooke Ritchie, Abby Coleman, and Tyler Jenkins, with School Counselor Brenda Robie observing.

At Lacey Spring Elementary, 5th grade volunteers are selected by their peers to serve as conflict mediators. Younger students can work out disagreements with the help of these student leaders, who are trained for the task through the school’s conflict mediation program.

A Special Tribute

Bus Driver Deb Cline has truly taken the new courtyard to heart. She contributed many of the bird houses and other ornamentation you see around the border.