Rockingham Center for Research & Technology

What we did

The Rockingham Center for Research and Technology, the site for the Stanford Research Institute’s new East Coast headquarters, is one of the most important projects of its kind on the Eastern Seaboard.

Fine Earth was awarded the landscape contract for the project in the Fall of 2006.

The Fine Earth staff worked very closely with the project engineers to ensure that only the latest, best quality products were used, and identified opportunities for value engineering.

Work commenced immediately on construction on the ponds. With the Fall storm season not far off, a sense of urgency drove the Fine Earth crew from the outset. Building the ponds involved the excavation of 10,000 cubic yards of soil…

Pond liners had to be installed and covered with twelve inches of soil before bad weather could ruin the project. The Fine Earth crew worked seven days a week to meet nature’s uncertain deadline. Rain came and the Fine Earth crew pumped water and kept on going.

Fine Earth completed the entire project; ponds, walls, median strip and foliage, on time and under budget. As a result, the company was awarded the landscaping and hardscaping contract for the new SRI building, the centerpiece of the complex, scheduled to open for operation in 2010.

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